look who’s growing up!

I know it’s only been a month (but wow, it’s already been a month!) but I can see so many changes in these babes from week to week. I need to actually WRITE something one of these times, but for now, more pictures.

Desire is now 6 months! She’s always been the easy going, content one of the group but recently she’s discovered her nice set of lungs. WOW can she scream! She’s still pretty lackadaisical but occasionally she’ll freak all her brothers and sisters out and stretch out those vocal cords. Here comes that personality!

Hopie is 6 months already too! She’s filled out a little more and continues to be the epitome of a cabbage patch doll. She likes to stay up during nap time to hang with the mommas and me, not because she wants to be held or fed, but to just sit there and listen to us. Cracks me up. Her deep, raspy cry is very distinguishable against the others and she likes to make sure no one forgets about her (i.e. she cries a lot!). But she’s happy to sit in her bouncer and see what’s happening in the world, sometimes as a silent observer but usually as a vocal participant.

Fiona is also 6 months already! This girl makes me laugh a lot. She doesn’t care for laying on her stomach, she usually has to be on her back with a toy in hand to be smiling. She’ll crank her neck up and arch her back so she can see what’s in front of her and then start grunting loudly. That’s how she laughs! But she has two huge dimples on her cheeks and she shows them off easily to all the visitors that pass through.

Judah and Wilberforce have joined the 6 month old club as well! These two are some of the happiest little baby boys I have ever seen. Judah’s still working on the crawling, he’s soooo close but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of moving forward as opposed to backwards. He suffered a minor set back when he practiced in his bed and smashed his little head on the front of his crib. He moved forward but he wasn’t happy! Wilberforce is our little singer- always cooing and ahhhing, smiling, and laughing. He’s not as close to crawling, letting his brother show him how it’s done first, but he’s rolling around for the both of them!

Tina! She’s the last of the 6 month olds and she’s the one with the most attitude. She’s always been a screamer and she continues to be. I absolutely love her though, despite the ear-piercing set of lungs she’s got. I usually spend the first part of my mornings rocking her to sleep (I spoil her I know) otherwise she “refuses to take sleep” (as the momma’s call it). She recently learned how to shake her head “no” and I am tickled pink every time she does it! She doesn’t know what it means and although I encourage the head shaking, I always do it while saying “TINNNNAAA” she doesn’t get any ideas about bossing us around that way. She’s a smart cookie though. Likes to hear herself talk and is a hard one to get laughing, but I like the challenge. Tina’s my little diva. And she’s started teething! Yikes.

Baby Sandra Blessing! She’s 2.5 months now and changing so much! Her hair’s coming in, she’s learning to grab at toys, sitting in a bumbo, and getting more of a personality too (and she’s gonne be a screamer I think!). I think this picture is so adorable in her cute little knit sweater (it was like 65 degrees here and the babes got so cold). She’s got a cute little toothless smile that’s for sure!

FRIDA GIRL! She’s 11 months already and somehow getting cuter every single day. She’s THE MOST energetic and happy person in the morning I’ve ever met and I love going in to the nursery to wake her up especially. Her top left tooth just finished popping through last week and she’s started eating smashed bananas, carrots, and rice three times a day. Since Mercy went down to be with her old sisters, Frida’s now the ring leader of the group. She’s also quite the little singer, she’s got a high pitched squeal and is usually blabbing to the wall, her fist, or anyone who looks at her. We’re working on getting her legs stronger because her body has to catch up with her mind (she’s still a little weak but a very smart girl) She can sit up on her own for long periods of time without any spotters and is obsessed with grabbing people’s faces. That’s our Frida girl!

We’re getting ready to move into a new home at the end of the month! Progress is moving right along but there’s a lot of financial need. Go here to get an update and see pictures and also to Donate! if you feel so compelled. There’s much to be done still but we know God will provide! Miss my Nebraska in the fall but continuing to feel overwhelmingly blessed to be in Uganda!


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